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Pilates. Yoga. Fitness.

Welcome to ALIVE, your personal fitness oasis, where we believe that every fitness journey is unique. That's why we offer private yoga and Pilates sessions, as well as  personal training, to cater to your individual needs and goals. We're all about personalizing fitness and making it fun! No cookie-cutter workouts here – just sessions you enjoy which are as unique as you.

Helping You FEEL ALIVE

PrivateTraining Sessions Tailored to You

Private Yoga & Pilates 

Unwind and connect with your inner yogi or Pilates pro in our private sessions. Our experienced instructors craft each session just for you, ensuring every stretch and pose aligns perfectly with your goals. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a total beginner, it's all about you, your mat, and finding your centre.

Personal Training 

Craving results that matter to you? Our certified trainers are your new fitness bestie here to make it happen. We'll chat about your goals (big or small), create a customized workout plan that's all about YOU, guiding you every step of the way. Weight loss, muscle gain, or just feeling good – we've got your back.


Ready to Kickstart Your Practice or Fitness Journey?

Let's make fitness uniquely yours. Reach out today to schedule your consultation and let's embark on a fitness adventure together at ALIVE.


10 Pack

Includes 2 bonus in studio class passes


*Intro Offer*

$125/ 3 in 1

FREE 30 Min Consultation

1 Class Pass

1 Private session



5 Pack

Includes 1 bonus in studio class passes



  • Your Fitness, Your Way: No generic workouts here. It's all about what YOU want and need.

  • Expert Instructors: Our certified instructors bring the perfect blend of expertise and enthusiasm.

  • Flexible and Convenient: Life gets crazy – we get it. Schedule sessions that fit your lifestyle. In-person and virtual sessions available.

  • Private Space: Enjoy a private and focused atmosphere for your fitness journey.

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