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A Pilates, Yoga and Fitness Studio for Everyone


Stefanie Beitel


Kirsten Jacob

Since opening in 2016, Alive has been a hub for our lively community. COVID-19 briefly separated us, but founders Stef and Seb built this studio with love. Kirsten, one of our very first instructors, shared their vision and dedication to building a close-knit community. Today, Stef and Kirsten have joined forces to breathe new life into Alive.


Our mission is clear: we aim to make the transformative power of Pilates, Yoga, and Fitness accessible to all, all under one welcoming roof. As a studio deeply rooted in community values, we place your needs at the forefront, ensuring that every session is an opportunity for you to thrive. From our warm and inviting ambiance to our team of expert instructors, our goal extends beyond helping you achieve your fitness objectives. We're here to help you truly FEEL ALIVE.

Our Studio

ALIVE is the perfect place to unwind and focus on your health and wellness. We offer a wide range of classes and services, including Pilates, Yoga, and Fitness, that cater to all levels of experience. Our team of certified instructors are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals, and we are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where you can feel ALIVE.

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