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  • Directions! How do I get to Alive? *We have free parking!*
    We are located at 2240 Lakeshore Blvd W on the second floor (above Citrus Medical and the Pharmacy!) Whether you are arriving by foot or car you'll turn onto Legion Rd. from Lakeshore and follow the instructions below! We can't wait to see you! By foot: From Lake Shore, walk north along Legion Rd, past the Citrus Medical Centre. There is an awning that reads "2240 offices" here you'll find our ALIVE sign - enter through this door to the elevator. Take the elevator to arrive on the mezzanine floor (marked M in the elevator). Once you are on our floor, ALIVE is the door to the left of the elevator! By car: Turn north on to Legion Rd from Lake Shore. There is a roundabout for the condo building on your right, turn into the roundabout, drive up to intercom in the centre and press 2240, tell the concierge you are going to ALIVE and they will open the garage door for you, enter the parking garage from the garage door on the right. As you drive in, you'll see a ramp down to P1 on your left, take this ramp and park toward the left at the bottom of the ramp on the P1 level in any of the spots marked with a "V". All spots are free to use during business hours. Follow the signs for retail, our studio, the medical office etc. to the elevator bank. The door to the commercial elevator is on the right. Take the elevator to arrive on the mezzanine floor (marked M in the elevator). Once you are on our floor, ALIVE is the door to the left of the elevator! We also have a detailed Reel on our instagram of how to access our FREE parking in the condo building, click the button below! ***Parking: If the Concierge doesn't answer when you buzz into the parking garage, please either buzz 15 Legion and try again or consider finding alternative parking to ensure you're not late for class. At the end of Legion Rd. on the right side, parking is free if available. There is also parking across the street in Humber Bay Park West. If the concierge isn't answering, it likely means they're on patrol, and we don't have immediate access to grant you entry into the parking garage. ***Please note you should NOT need to dial "7777" on arrival (aside from our 6:30AM Classes) the fob reader should have a green light which means the door in unlocked. In the event that the door is locked please dial "7777" and we will buzz you up!
  • How do I book a class?
    Head to our schedule (or use our app "Momence" for Apple or Android!), click on the class you would like to take and book away! If you don't have an existing pass, you may then choose a pass to purchase. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before class begins.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Besides your wonderful self, we suggest you bring a water bottle (staying hydrated is key!) and, if you'd like, a mat towel. We provide complimentary mat service for all our guests, so you don't even need to worry about bringing your own mat. We have high-quality B mats available for your use. We also offer towels for use in our showers. While we recommend using a mat towel on our mats, it's entirely up to you. If you prefer to use your own mat, feel free to place it on top of our existing mats.
  • What is your class cancellation policy?
    To avoid credit deduction, you must cancel a class at least 5 hours in advance (unless otherwise specified). Unlimited Memberships are subject to a $15 fee for no-shows or late cancellations. Late cancellations include switching time slots within the cancellation time frame. Cancellations can be made online, through the app, or by email. No-show fees apply regardless of the cancellation method. Special circumstances or emergencies can be addressed by contacting us at Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.
  • How does the waitlist work?
    Even if a class is full, we recommend adding yourself to the waitlist. Last-minute cancellations may open up opportunities to join the desired class. When a cancellation occurs, the first waitlisted individual is automatically added to the class, and an email notification is sent. If added from the waitlist, you are responsible for attending or cancelling, with applicable fees for late cancellations.
  • What is "Heat Optional"?
    Heat optional is an exclusive offering of 'Hot' classes brought to you by ALIVE, where we heat half of the room. In our practice room, we've installed heat panels on one side, allowing you to choose your own heat level during our heated classes. When you register for a class, you'll have the choice between 'heated' (for a more traditional hot experience) and 'non-heated' (providing a comforting, residual warmth, similar to a cozy hug feeling) spots in the room. This unique style is a signature feature of ALIVE, and we're confident you'll appreciate these options as much as we do, especially during the chilly Canadian winters. 😝
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